We are organizing a colossal bonsai event called “International Bonsai Art & Culture Biennale” ( Theme : When Art and Culture Meet Through Bonsai ) in Yogyakarta, an old historical/ cultural city in Central Java of Indonesia, renowned as the centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture . This event is joined organized by Forum Hobby Indonesia (FHI) and Indonesia Bonsai Art Club Association (Aksisain), supported by Keraton King Palace of Yogyakarta, Vredeburg Fortress Museum, Culture & Tourism of Yogyakarta, and Tour Guide Association of Yogyakarta. This is the first bonsai exhibition ever done with new presentation concept to accomodate creative and innocative inspiration, to collaborate bonsai art with other art forms, because we believe art is a living thing and has no limit in conveying messages of the creator. We hope this will open a new perspective to the bonsai word, and bring more fun to bonsai art. Yet, of course you will also witness many “conventional” display but in better way. The exhibition venue will be in an old historical Dutch fortress, the “Vredeburg Fortress Museum” and the “International Culture Night” will be hosted by our Yogya Sultan in the “Keraton Palace“. All are within walking distance to the city center, Beringharjo traditional market, Malioboro night market etc. After the opening ceremony, all guests will join the “andong” horse-carriage and “becak” city parade to enjoy the unique bonsai display along the city boulevard. There will be ”King Trophy” from Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, “Ismail Saleh Trophy”, “Saburo Kato Trophy”, “Iwasaki Trophy”, “Amy Liang Trophy”, ”WBFF Trophy”, “BCI Medal“, “China Trophy” from the Chinese Penjing Artist Association, “Ryuga Dragon Trophy”, “The Best Bonsai Display Trophy” etc. There will be also uncounted art & cultural activities during the event e.g. demo of batik drawing, silver jewelries, ceramic making, painting, sculpturing, traditional music (gamelan) & dance, wayang (puppet) show; Gala Dinner with Ramayana Cabaret at Prambanan Temple, touring to such as Borobudur Temple, Taman Sari Water Palace, Kasongan traditional crafts center; we can also organize special tour to caving, hiking, diving or surfing adventures, to Bromo Mt, Bali Island, Tanah Toraja, Toba Lake, or other specific trips, etc. We will also organize a picnic-trip where all guests will participate in the “Friendship Trees-Planting Picnic” as part of our green campaign activity; last but not least, all international delegates will be requested to participate to perform their unique culture in the “International Culture Night” with their traditional costumes. It will be from 18 – 21 October 2014, in concert with the celebration of 258-th birthday of Yogyakarta City; so we will also celebrate together the “258 Lanterns Night for Yogyakarta”. We are expecting hundreds of guests from around the world, including world famous bonsai masters. Among our friends who will be coming are Mrs. Naemi Iwasaki, Mr. Hatsuji Kato, Solita Rosade, Mauro Stemberger, Pedro Morales, Bill Valavanis, Prof. Amy Liang, Wu Cheng Fa, Huang Jiu Wei etc. Please jot down and reserve your schedule, bring your family and experience the great fun. Other detail information will be added and updated…

Warm regards,

Robert Steven

General Secretar.





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