Cordially invites you to:

Prison Art Programs (PAPs)

Speakers: Angki Purbandono & Fatoni
Moderator: Mella Jaarsma


29 April 2014, pukul 16.00 wib


Cemeti Art House
Jl. D.I Panjaitan 41 YK


artprisonPrison Art Programs – PAPs is a collective art program that is closely tied to memories of prison as a foundational idea for developing a complete concept and technique for visual art.

The initiative for this program was established by Angki Purbandono* with several other Inmates of Penitentiary (Berli Doni, Fatoni*, Herman Yoseph, Irien Afianto, Agung Rusmawan*, Amir Danial, Gunawan Wirdana and Ridwan Fatkurodhin) who worked together with the principal Founder (Mr Yhoga Aditya Ruswanto) and other Founders (Mr Marjiyanto, Mr M. Syukron A., Mr Mulya Adiguna) in the Class IIA Narcotic Penitentiary, Yogyakarta, in May 2013.

The working process of the PAPs was undertaken collectively for six months within the Penitentiary and continued thereafter outside of the Penitentiary – from October 2013 – by several former inmates.

PAPs has three main programs under development inside the Penitentiary:**
1. Interior & exterior art movement | Art movement utilising the interior and exterior of the Penitentiary
2. Merchandise | Working processes for inmates to make products that can be sold to the public
3. Workshops | Inviting artists or other expertise into the Penitentiary to share their knowledge with the inmates

PAPs also undertakes a primary program that is implemented outside of the Penitentiary, that being periodic exhibitions. These collective exhibitions will have an overarching concept that will be decided through cooperative thinking amongst the members of PAPs, every two years.***

PAPs are currently managed by:
Angki Purbandono – Program Director
Ignatia Nilu* – Program Manager
Fatoni – Research & Development
Dian Ariyani – Accounting
Yhoga Aditya Ruswanto – Consultant

Agung Rusmawan – member
Okvandita* – member
Titus Garu* – member

* Former Inmate now released.
**These three programs inside the Penitentiary were underway from May – October 2013 as an open test case with objectives that attracted the attention of other inmates, who joined in and understood the concept of PAPs as art practice.
***This program has recently been implemented by PAPs in collaboration with Mizuma Gallery, from February to April 2014, in Singapore. Represented by Angki Purbandono, PAPs and Mizuma Gallery eventually delivered an inaugural solo exhibition titled ‘The Swimmers’. PAPs exhibited 25 collective works using the medium of scanography – or scanning machines.

More Info please contact :
Ms. Ignatia Nilu


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