ORDE BARU OK. Video – Indonesia Media Arts Festival 2015

Exhibition, Screening, Multimedia Performance, Open Lab, and Symposium
June 15 – 28, 2015 / Galeri Nasional Indonesia – Jakarta

In its seventh year, the OK. Video Festival raises the Orde Baru (New Order) as the thematic axis. The theme New Order becomes a beginning for OK. VIDEO to expand its scope of artistic category in the future, not only presenting time-based artworks (video, film, and performance) and multichannelled-installative ones, but also sound art, digital imaging, internet-based works and other opportunities brought forward by media technology that can present new limitless artistic ideas and critical issues surrounding the themes.

New Order as the thematic axis tries to see two things: (1) the politics of media technology controlled and used by authoritarian regimes (state) in shaping public perspectives and solving citizens’ problems during the analog era, and (2) the politics of digital media in the hands of the public after the end of the Cold War or the fall of authoritarian regimes and the birth of the new democracy. Through its festival programs; exhibition, movie screening, performance art, multimedia performance, open lab, workshop, and symposium, OK. Video tries to play around the idea to map, deconstruct, revive, and even nullify the history of both versions –the authoritarian regime and the people– in the new democratic situation with an abundance of information and archive in everyday life.

ORDE BARU OK. Video – Indonesia Media Arts Festival 2015 invites creators all around the world to submit their artworks or projects of various artistic approach of presentation: time-based (video, film, and performance), installation, single or multi-channel; sound art; digital imaging; online works / Produced between 2013 – 2015 / Deadline April 30, 2015 / Free!

For further information or to submit your works, go towww.okvideofestival.org.

Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6
Jakarta Selatan, 12820, Indonesia
T/F: +62 21 8304220
E-mail: info@okvideofestival.org
Facebook: OK. Video Festival
Twitter: @OK_Video

OK. Video is an international festival organized once every two years since 2003 by ruangrupa, a contemporary arts organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. OK. Video opens space for media arts that addresses social and cultural phenomena in Indonesia and abroad in the format of festival with a specific theme. In 2015, OK. Video launches itself as Indonesia Media Arts Festival from formerly Jakarta International Video Festival as a part of the expansion of artistic achievements.

OK. Video is also one of divisions in ruangrupa that regularly organizes workshop, production, collection, documentation, and distribution of media arts in Indonesia.

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